Haggai Nuchi

Based in San Francisco. haggai@haggainuchi.com

Recent Project: https://humantoanimal.com, 2018

A human to dog translator running entirely in the browser. It works by compiling a Tensorflow model to WebAssembly. (An up-to-date version of Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge is required.)

Recent Work: Cruise Automation, 2016-2017

Tech lead for the Prediction team. I developed technology for autonomous cars, to predict other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists. C++ and Python, both machine learning and non-ML statistical and geometric algorithms.


C++, Python, Tensorflow, Linux, macOS, bash, LLVM, reverse engineering

Education: PhD in Mathematics, UPenn, 2014

Specialized in differential geometry. Dissertation: The Hopf fibrations are characterized by being fiberwise homogeneous.