Haggai Nuchi

I’m a senior software engineer specializing in robotics and computer vision. I have a wide range of experience and interests, including machine learning operations, machine perception, multi-object tracking, machine learning applications to audio, computational geometry, and research mathematics (among other things).

I’m currently exploring new opportunities in the San Francisco area or remotely. I’m interested in working on problems related to novel applications of robots. I love solving challenging and novel mathematical problems. I enjoy mentoring junior engineers, and creating positive welcoming environments where everyone is free to ask questions is very important to me.

Other things I’d enjoy working on are sensor fusion, applications of machine learning to medicine, and digital signal processing. I have a PhD in differential geometry and would love to work on something related to that, if you happen to have a problem related to that field! Send me an email at hello@haggainuchi.com. See below for some highlighted work experience. For the keyword searchers, I have expertise in Python, C++, sensor fusion, robotics, Tensorflow, macOS, Linux, bash, geometry, mathematics, AWS, opencv, radar tracking, .


Please see my CV for details of my work experience, education, and some selected solo projects. See also some stuff I’ve written.


I’d be happy to hear from you if anything here catches your interest! If you check out the stuff I’ve written and you like it, send me a note at hello@haggainuchi.com. Thanks to a recent reader who read some of my work on the Square Peg conjecture and who wrote to me to inform me that there has been some progress made in the past few years, with some researchers solving the smooth rectangular peg problem!